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Pitch Black (2000) A Neglected Classic


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I thought I might try my hand at a review site – so this is a sample of what you’ll find there.

Pitch Black (2000), directed by David Twohy, is almost the perfect subject of review for InDepth - a movie widely dismissed as derivative sci-fi, schlock horror. Looking at the "top reviews" on Rotten Tomatoes reveals an establishment totally incapable of engaging with this film.  Robert Ebert is off put by the fighting crew and the implausibility of the existence of the aliens; Kevin Thomas from the LA Times complains that the movie gives us what we've seen a thousand times before.  Usually when a deeply subversive movie like this is misunderstood by the many, it is carried aloft by the cognoscenti few and branded cult. But this never quite happened with Pitch Black. Even those who express a liking for it often do so in the way one might confess to going off one's diet of green leafy salads, or high brow sophistication of an accepted sort.   In actual fact, Pitch Black is one of the best movies in its genre.  If it exposes the total inability of contemporary audiences to go beyond the conventions of genre and engage critically with a text, it humiliates the professional reviewer class whose job it is to elevate our understanding.  InDepth takes pride in rescuing such films from the dust and putting them on the pedestal where they belong.

To read the rest of this pitch black review - just click the link.

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