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Rage for Science


They asked me at work to encourage the scientists to promote themselves on the school website. This is what they received.

Why Google Should Learn to Love Black Hat SEO


Google should learn to love black hat SEO. In fact – they should embrace it. They should make it a central pillar of their entire strategy. Shock horror gasp! I know. Let me present my case. I think it’s a pretty good one. But first, let me tell you my yarn as to how I got started thinking about this issue.

Life With a SmartPhone


What’s in a smartphone?  They all have their different features and varying functionalities.  Many of you looking for a review of a smartphone will want to know how long the battery lasts and whether or not it multi-tasks.  How many apps are to be found in the app store and what is their average cost? […]

Pitch Black (2000) A Neglected Classic


I thought I might try my hand at a review site – so this is a sample of what you’ll find there. Pitch Black (2000), directed by David Twohy, is almost the perfect subject of review for InDepth – a movie widely dismissed as derivative sci-fi, schlock horror. Looking at the “top reviews” on Rotten […]

Sydney Dust Storm Photos


I took some photos this morning of the view outside my house and a couple from within. The dust storm that hit Sydney this morning is the most extraordinary weather I’ve ever seen. You can smell the dust too… mmmm earthy. Hi res images:

Nugget and the Boat


I wrote a children’s story for fun. Enjoy! ——————————– Little Nugget stood shivering in the water. The boys in the other lanes looked perched with eagerness – ready to swim. But Nugget wasn’t so eager. Today they had to swim backstroke. He hated backstroke the most. He was a short for his age and of […]

Ubuntu Hardy + Compiz + Dual Desktop = True Nerdom


I do want to announce however, that I have made it into the ranks of the truly nerdy. I have recently setup a dual boot ubuntu/xp on my main pute – and I gotta say Ubuntu looks absolutely fantastic on it. I’ve also recently acquired another monitor from my good friend Hamish. Here’s to you old friend. Enjoy it up in Paris for me.

Save the Kitty


One of my neighbors started feeding a feral cat that had been skulking around. It got used to the idea of free food and started hanging around more frequently. One day it brought this little kitten – left it in the garden in the pouring rain. My neighbor cleaned it up and gave it residence in an unused toilet out the back of our building. Mama cat liked the idea and now that’s where they both hang out.

Response From Anonymous


I just wanted to say that the response from Anonymous to my post on their movement has been fantastic. Their ability to address the criticism contianed in the article and respond positively to it gives their movement credibility and I believe – strength. I wish them the very best for their day of protest on the 10th of Feb – and urge all to join in on the legitimate peaceful protests.

A couple of problems…


The guy I was sharing a server with freaked out about my piece on Anonymous – and has insisted that I get off ‘his’ server before it got hacked. I was critical of anonymous to some degree – but am of the opinion that they are more reasonable than that, given especially that many of […]